Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I was invited to play at a very POSH industry mixer for the Destination Management and Corporate Event world tonight.  These models were on either side of the stage on stools and a costume skirt that went to the floor with a hula hoop hem. 
I put a blue LED moonwash effect along with a red and green laser matrix that really made the sparkly costume sparkle. 
 LED screen at the back of the stage. 
You can see my logo on the wall off to the side of the stage and above the bar.  As people moved about the event from this room to others, they all saw it and I know there were some technical types that were wondering how I did that. 
I didn't know in advance that Harley Bonham would be behind the camera for this event.  He's the nicest guy around and a pleasure to work with.  We did a wedding together recently and we have another event together coming up in November.  He took some photos of the event that will knock your socks off- don't confuse my snap shot at arms length photos with a professional photographers work.  Harley is one of the best.    

In addition to the ten foot tall models up by the stage, this champagne glass model was opposite from me on the far side of the room.  
This last picture cracks me up because it's kinda like one of those snapshots that tourists in Italy take- pretending to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa... I was just taking a shot of my work station and I think this guys was checking his phone but it looks like he's about to drink the champagne!

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