Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rockin' San Diego

I haven't posted anything in some time but it's not for lack of DJ adventures to post, it's just that the DJ adventures have consumed my time and secondly, I really do focus on my DJ duties at each event and not photographing each event for my blog.

I had a two night event in Southern California for Labor Day Weekend. It was a big Christian Singles weekend retreat with seminars, activities, speakers and a mixer dance on Friday night at the church hall and on Saturday night at a local amusement park. They had about 1000 people from all over the southwestern U.S. 

This Gobo (go before optical) ummm... anyways, it's a projection thingy in white light that was front and center on the dancefloor.   
Here are two of my best buddies from California.  That's Bill on the left.  He was my neighbor when I lived in Upland CA.  He's about the nicest and warmest man you'll ever meet.  Scott is on the right.  We've been friends for about 15 years now and my life is certainly better because I know him- he's full of wisdom and he's always a good house guest at my place or host when I'm staying at his place.  These two guys are quick to jump in on roadie and technician duties whenever I'm working in CA and need a bit of a crew.  Scott and I have done "dueling DJ" events together in LA and here in Phoenix a few times.  He's coming to Phoenix to help me with an event at the Arizona Science Center coming up in October.  It was sure great to see you guys.
Spent some time Saturday at the beach and at the San Diego Mormon Temple site with Scott.

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