Friday, December 12, 2008

It's like this see...

Dateline- Mesa Arizona

I had a most gratifying DJ job today. All of the handicapped Jr High kids from all over the Mesa school district gathered at Stapley Jr High for a Christmas dance-- any guesses who the DJ was? Yep. Rocked the house from start to finish! I generally turn away school functions because I just don't want to put up with the grief anymore. Most teenagers are rude ingrates when they move in packs. These kids couldn't have been nicer. It's Dec 12 and I finally got the Christmas spirit today thanks to them.

I was the master of ceremonies at a Bridal Fashion Show at one of the nice resorts here in town a couple of weeks ago. There were a couple of designers from Chicago and one from New York and one local designer. They had an antique ivory sofa and a white hipster coffee table and a white back drop that swished in the breeze and all the models took turns on that sofa with each of the dresses and about 5 photographers doing their thing. (That kinda sounded dirty didn't it?) I thought it was a mistake because the white dresses were just gonna wash out. But I kept my mouth shut because I was feeling that I wasn't cool enough to even be in their presence. (My lack of coolness has probably been the key to my success as a DJ) Anyways- I was right. I looked at the online photojournals of two or three of the photographers that I knew and not one of those pictures was used. BUT, I was chillin' between shots and Kym Ventola snapped this one of me. She posted it on her blog with some very complimentary words about my brilliant work as a DJ. This photo will be the backbone of my ads for the glossy bridal magazines next year. Here's a link to her work that day

We took a road trip to Winslow Arizona for Thanksgiving. No, we didn't stand on the corner, at all. In fact, we didn't see any girls in flat bed Fords either. That town is so depressed and depressing and dirty and broken down. It really lived up to the sentiment of that song. We had a crappy motel room and had nothing but crappy food but I had such a meaningful experience that weekend. I visited my old High School, the A&W Rootbeer stand where I worked. Visited a Sunday School teacher I had as a kid. She hasn't aged a bit.

We also visited with Ruby Williams from Roxie Mississippi. She took care of me for a couple of years when I was a wee lad- after my Mom died and before my Dad remarried. She says she's 80 but there are reports around town that she's as old as 96. Either way, she looks great. She is still sharp as a tack. Remembered everybody and was curious what they were all up to. I hadn't seen her in 10 years since my Dad's funeral.

To a certain degree, you always live where you are from. As odd as that sounds, it was really good to go live there for another day.


Lauri said...

that was some nice free advertising!

Cynthia said...

I have a sadness when I see Winslow sometimes too, yet I have so many good memories there. It makes me sad to see our old store as a dollar store.
But it is always fun to see people from our growing up years. I like to drive around and see our neighborhood and schools and all the places we used to ride bikes and hang out with our friends.
Good times.
Glad you had a good experience dj-ing at a school. Teenagers have an ability to surprise with their good behavior sometimes.